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EVE Vote Match Live For CSMXI

Image of EVE Vote Match Live For CSMXI

With the voting period for the CSM about to start; how do you go about choosing a candidate to vote for? Of course in an ideal world everyone would have the time to read the campaign threads, listen to the myriad of pod-casts and properly research all candidates. Sadly, even the most avid CSM followers will have a hard time going through all 53 candidates.
To that end, Dierdra Vaal creator of the EVE Vote Match website has you covered. Vote match aims to provide an unbiased overview of all the candidates running for CSM and has done for a number of years now. The site has been updated and refined over the years and will match you up with the candidates that best fit your own personal interests. You can find out more about the site from the Help & FAQ page here.
If you are unsure about who to vote for complete the on-line survey via the questionnaire page here. Complete the questions as seen and these answers will be matched up with other candidates who have responded in similar manner to your own questions. An example of the final screen can be seen below.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1052"] (Please note - this is what shown if you do not answer any questions just to provide an example of what the page looks like this is not a voting recommendation or representative of how the page looks when the questionnaire is completed!)[/caption]
From the vote match FAQ-

We recommend using Vote Match as a first step in getting to know the candidates that might be good fits for you, but not as the only thing to base your decision on. If you use our matching service, we recommend looking at the top ten to twenty percent of your matches, rather than just the few that scored highest.

You can also review all the candidates in full via the Candidates Overview page here. Every candidate has their own page, and you can see which candidates have been approved vs those who responded. A greyed out portrait indicates they did not respond to the questionnaire, where a full coloured image indicates they this candidate responded in full and a full profile is available. You can use the filters at the top of the screen to narrow down candidates you may be interested in.

So with voting due to start any moment today make sure you fill out your candidate matcher and be ready to vote for this years CSM. Head over to to get started!

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