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EVE_NT TV At Nottingham

Image of EVE_NT TV At Nottingham

00:50 - Introduction with Nashh Kadavr and Tiberius StarGazer discussing EVE Nottingham, EVE_NT and event highlights and pubcrawl video reel.
14:38 - Interview with CCP Masterplan and RocketX discussing the upcoming capital changes.
23:30 - Interviews with Suleiman Shouaa, Suitonia and Bei ArtJay talking about the EVE_NT Collides and Fight Club Tournaments.
32:30 - Interviews with CCP Tara, Nick Cormac, and Takeda Kashada discussing various community news including the French Community, the up coming Cardiff meet, and this years Fanfest.
43:20 - Interviews with Nash Kadavr, Apothne, and Jin'taan with regards to the upcoming CSMXI Elections.
55:00 - Interview with CCP Lebowski and Starfleet Commander discussing Citadels in the next upcoming expansion and discussion around the removal of the watch list.

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