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Newbro Open Fleet Departs Sunday At 2000

Image of Newbro Open Fleet Departs Sunday At 2000

Affirmative and Redemption Roads very own Greygal is taking the new (and not-so-new) players out again this Sunday, February 14 as part of their monthly ?NewBro Roams?. Yes, they're aware that it's Valentine's Day and want to spread the love of Pew Pew far and wide in New Eden. This one's dubbed "Spaceman Spiff II" after the ship setup (also known as a doctrine) that everyone should be flying (I say should as you always get that special snowflake!).
Affirmative and Redemption Road are a community focused corp who just love getting anyone and everyone involved in small-gang Player versus Player (PvP) action, public roams, events and much more. This will be a Not-Purple-Shoot-It or NPSI group, which basically means if someone is not in your fleet then you can shoot them! (on the Fleet Commanders (FC) orders of course!).
"Spaceman Spiff" is Redemption Road's newest doctrine so hopefully you'll surprise the people you jump on along with it being a mixed-race setup of Minmatar and Caldari frigate class ships.
So if you're lonely this Sunday or just like living on the edge and kiting the girl\boyfriend\Wife\Husband\partners aggro then come along,  everyone is welcome! As an added bonus free (that's right, FREE) frigates will be provided for all attendees who want to get in on the action. Want to know what you might be letting yourself in for? Then check out my review from December's NewBro Roam but if that's all tl;dr then it was simply this: awesome!
It will start slow with plenty of explanations for people who are new to fleets. The form up with be from Berta at 1945hrs EVE time. From experience I'd get there a little bit before that as the fleet will depart rather promptly at 2000hrs so get there on time! Also allow a good 3-4 hours depending on how much love the fleet spreads around.
As always come in a clone that you are willing to lose with no implants. You can set one up by following the instructions from this Jump Clone article from EVE University.
Make sure that before the event you have the following set up:-

    • Set up TeamSpeak (TS) for voice communication.TS can be downloaded from here and a guide to get you set-up is here .For those with TS already the details you need are Server address is: and Password: YES!

    • Join the in-game channel: REDEMPTION ROAD ? This will be where the fleet invites are picked up so when asked just type in X to indicate you wish to join when prompted and you will get a fleet invite. If in doubt just speak up, there will be lots of new people so don't be frightened to ask.

    • Get to Berta for 1900hrs on Sunday 13 December, Ships are not needed as all are being given out at station so you just need to get yourself there.

    • Set your Medical Clone to Berta. You can watch how to do this " target="_blank">here via EVE Online's Flight Academy.

Ships being given out are mix of Minmatar Breachers (only 7 hours of training required) for holding down targets and punching them in the face (AKA Tackle and DPS), Caldari Griffins for messing with their electronic systems (AKA EWAR) and Minimatar Bursts for keeping your fleet in the fight (AKA Logistics\Logi). Full details along with ship and skill guides for this event can be found at the Redemption Road's website.
Hilarity, laughs and explosions will ensue I promise you ?  so come and join in!
Maximus Aerelius O7.

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