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CSM XI Profiles ? Nashh Kadavr

Image of CSM XI Profiles ? Nashh Kadavr

With the Council of Stellar Management (CSM) Elections coming up soon we at EVE NT have contacted all the running candidates who have announced their intentions to run and provided them with a standardised interview template. The goal of this is to give each candidate a set of standard questions for them to respond to with the aim of helping you, the voter, to choose a candidate who best represents you and your play style to CCP. The same questions have been asked of every candidate as to allow easier comparison. The responses posted are unedited and will be published in the run up to the opening of the voting period on February the 29th in the order that they have been received. You can find out more about the CSM elections here.
Today's candidate is Nashh Kadavr.
1. Please start by giving us a short introduction to who you are and your history within EVE Online. Include how long you have been playing and the groups you have been involved with.
My name is Nashh Kadavr and have played EVE since late 2006. Like most eve players I have dabbled in industry, mining and missions before finding my purpose in EVE; shooting other players in the face. Nashh Kadavr became my main character in 2007 and with him I have spend a lot of time in low-sec as a pirate.
Both in and out of game I have become more involved with player organised events and EVEsports. I now run one to the largest player run events in Nottingham UK twice a year and also own a premium EVEsports program with an increasing amount of broadcasts.
2. Who would you consider to be your key constituents? Who you would best represent within the playerbase?
If I would have to find a specific group I would have to represent it would be the low-sec dwellers of EVE as that where I have spent most my time. In a broader sense I would like to represent everyone in New Eden. EVE online has THE best gaming community of any MMO and the incredible attendance at live events shows this. I want to help CCP help organisers and content creators doing what they do to keep our amazing community going strong.
3. Please summarise your platform. (Preferably using key bullet points)

  • Events (ingame and out of game)

  • EVESports

4. Why have you decided to run for CSM this year?
Bam Stroker actually ran with a platform I really liked for CSM 10 and when he decided not to run for CSM 11 I asked if I could run on his behalf. As I have been running live events and EVEsport programs I felt there is enough to be said specifically for those groups collectively that it's worth having a representative for these areas. There is space for improvement everywhere and I want to help get this information to CCP in a manageable way.
5. Have you run for or been a member of CSM in the past? If so please list each year and if you were elected.
I have not run before.
6. What makes you a unique representative when you compare yourself to other candidates?
My platform and target audience in a strange way is pretty small. Despite many people using content and attending community events, the benefits I intend to create are directly linked to the people that make the magic for everyone else.
Most candidates you will find have lots of technical aspects they want to throw at CCP, game changers and game designers in the making if you will. I cannot do this and truth be told, I dont think thats what the CSM is for. I view the CSM as a group of people representing what the players think is wrong, not themselves.
7. Do you have any out of game experience and skills that make you a good candidate?
In real life I am Bar & Restaurant manager and for this job I require to be a good organiser. Through doing this job for nearly 15 years I have become a good analyst of problems and found ways to solve them. With it being a social job I have forced myself to be a good communicator and can deal with different personalities pretty well, a skill that cannot be underestimated when dealing with some EVE players.
8. What areas of EVE are you weakest at knowledge wise?
I am pretty bad at playing EVE to be honest. Jokes aside I think it's fair to say I have a generally good understanding of most things in EVE although I don't excel at anything specifically.
9. If you were offered unlimited development time - what's the biggest change you would lobby for in EVE?
Nothing, personally, I don't want to be a game developer. I see my job as CSM member to be a collector of the people's opinions and making that into a readable clear picture for CCP to do with as they see fit. There are things being made currently like the Tournament server and if I had any skill or enough knowledge to help I guess I would spend time on that.
10. If you could wind back the clock - what feature or change would you remove from EVE?
Despite the initial lashback against the captain's quarters and the vanity store I wish there would be spare time and budget at CCP to continue that project. I like playing EVE and I trust in CCP that the changes they bring in have been thoroughly thought out and tested and made to progress and better the game. Mistakes have been made, sure but they can be reverted, I wouldn't remove anything from EVE, in fact I am excited to see where it's going and what will be added.
11. If you could pick one candidate to be elected with you who would they be and why?
If I could only pick one I would have to say Bam Stroker. Bam is the reason I am running and the only reason I became interested in this popularity contest. Now that wouldn't be fair as such so from those that are running, I would like to serve with Steve Ronuken.
12. What is your favourite memory in EVE and why?
Oh wow I have so many good memories from EVE online over the years. I think it's the friendships that it has created. I would consider some of my fellow players my best friends despite only meeting them in real life once or twice a year. I have thoroughly enjoyed making lots of connections and meeting lots of interesting people, none more so than my time at the Bastards, I have a tattoo on my shoulder to remind me of them forever.
13. What platform(s) do you use currently to engage with the wider player base? If someone wanted to contact you what is the best way to do this? (Include Twitter/Emails/Skype/Slack etc.)
I am fairly active on several platforms, predominantly Skype and Twitter. Of course I use emails and slack as well although my preferred method of contact is definitely Skype.
14. If people wanted to find out more about your platform - where is the best place to do so? (Include blogs, forums posts and podcasts)
My forum post on the EVE online forum explains what I hope to achieve clearly. I try to squeeze in the odd plug here or there but for a fully written manifesto visit me there. If you want to speak to me just poke me anytime, I like to talk.
15. In short - what is your closing statement (no more than 500 words please!)
I feel my manifesto is very different than others, I do not intend to be a game designer or pick faults at the game. I merely want to represent and be the liaison between EVE players and CCP.
I feel that the CSM is viewed wrong by some CSM members and candidates, the CSM is not there to fight against CCP and not there to tell them how to do their job. In my humble opinion the CSM is there to help advise CCP on what the rest of the player base think and give them feedback on proposals. This should be based on the opinions of each CSM members constituents.
Basicly, if you like community stuff, in or out of game, if you like EVESports and you want a CSM member with a realistic view on its purpose, chuck me a vote.

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