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EVE_NT Collides Prize Skins Revealed

Image of EVE_NT Collides Prize Skins Revealed

As announced in an earlier post CCP have generously provided us with 150 unique SKINS especially designed just for this years Collides Tournament. Today we are pleased to release the first image of the finished skin.
Gaming Commission IGC Skin
The corporation created for this particular SKIN is Independent Gaming Commission [IGC], a most suitable corp name for this EVE Sports prize.
A total of 150 of these skins will be made available and all contenders in the tournament will receive a set of these skins. 10 of these will be rewarded to the the teams that didn't make the finals, as a reward for their time and efforts invested in this project. 4th placing will earn 15 SKINS, 3rd will win 20, 2nd place will walk away with 30 SKINS and the seasons champions will earn themselves a whopping 45 of these rare SKINS.
These skins will be a one off especially for for this tournament and will not be available anywhere else! So if you want to get one of these you will have to beg, bribe, and or steal these from this years competing teams.

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