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EVE_NT Collides - Tuskers vs. Hard Knocks starting tomorrow.

Image of EVE_NT Collides - Tuskers vs. Hard Knocks starting tomorrow.

Everybody brace yourselves. It's time for another match of EVE_NT Collides! The Tuskers will be squaring off against Hard Knocks in the arena for the finals starting tomorrow at 20:00.
The Tuskers Co.
The returning champions of #EVE_NT Collides, The Tuskers have the crown to lose. Fresh from their top 4 AT run, they are rumoured to have been training hard in preparation to take on the fearsome Pandemic Legion who will no doubt be the bookies favourites, although we think this is the closest match up we have run yet.
Hard Knocks Inc.
Hard Knocks are wormhole based alliance who live in high-class wormholes and embrace all aspects of the PVP that offers, whether its dropping caps outnumbered on hostile PVE caps, or roaming out through null-sec connections with fast skirmish ships, to brawling up close and dirty with other wormhole entities during evictions and chance wormhole connections.
Not having much tournament experience themselves, for ATXIII they recruited some tournament veterans and mixed them with their best PVPers which catapulted them into the last 8 with many convincing victories along the way. They were only beaten at the end by the eventual 4th place team, Exodus in a really close mirror-match up brawl.
It will be very interesting to see how well Hard Knocks are able to hold up against the current champions of EVE_NT Collides. Expect to see quite the show from two seasoned PvP corps. Hard Knocks have proven their skill already by defeating Shadow Cartel in the preliminaries, which is no easy feat. Shadow Cartel has shown their prowess in the Alliance Tournament and proven themselves to be a real contender in the tournament scene. This match just might be the one that pushes Tuskers off their throne as champions of EVE_NT Collides.
Be sure to catch the spectacle on and get ready for a great fight.

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