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EVE Uni - Fleet Command Class with Elise Randolph Saturday

Image of EVE Uni - Fleet Command Class with Elise Randolph Saturday

EVE University is the longest running training corporation in EVE Online and exists solely for that purpose. Founded on March 15, 2004 at 14:33 by Morning Maniac, the University maintains its neutrality and teaching ethos to this day inviting all that play EVE, both new and old, to either learn or teach. EVE University teaches players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. They hold regular classes, both theoretical and practical, in order to accomplish this.
This Saturday EVE University is hosting a class with one of the best known Fleet Commanders in EVE Online today - Elise Randolph.
Elise Randolph's in game career is impressively extensive. He was a member and captain of the Pandemic Legion Alliance Tournament Team between ATVI (2009) and ATXI (2013) where they secured four victories out of six. As a result Elise is recognised as one of the most successful competitors in EVE AT history. Elise then moved on to commentate on the Alliance Tournament stream in ATXII and ATXIII earlier this year, his seasoned knowledge and experience providing valuable insight into the tournament.
But his EVE Career doesn't stop at just the alliance tournament. Elise is an accomplished Fleet Commander. Was elected to the Council of Stellar Management for two terms (CSM's 6 and 7). Has been credited with bringing down an alliance purely through reddit posting. But most important of all, he is such a huge Taylor Swift Fan that its actually one of the pre-requisites for joining his corp - Habitual Euthanasia.
If you would like to join this class you can do so by logging into EVE Universities public mumble by completing the following steps:

  • Download & install the latest version of Mumble from the developer's website.

  • During the set-up wizard on first launch, make sure to set a push-to-talk key. Do not use voice activation.

  • Open your new Mumble, click Server -> Connect, click the Add New... button at the bottom.

  • Add a connection that looks like the image below (note that the port number is not the default).

    • Label: EVE University (Public)

    • Address:

    • Port: 64739

    • Username: <your character name>

Eve University have a number of classroom channels on the public Mumble server; most classes are held in Classroom 1.
The class will begin at 2100 on Saturday the 6th of February - don't be late!
You can find out more about EVE University's classes on their wiki page.

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