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FanFest 2016 - Game Of Balls

Image of FanFest 2016 - Game Of Balls

Last year CCP Developers organised the first Fanfest Football (or Soccer for our American friends) match that was held at Kórinn fjölnota knatthús, an indoor multi-purpose auditorium located in Kopavogur. The event was attended and enjoyed by a lot of people! You can see some of the highlights of the match in the video linked below.

This year CCP are looking to run the event again, but this time with a few changes. The previous match was held on a full sized indoor AstroTurf pitch for a full 90min, which caused some issues for the not quite so fit team members (we are a lot of indoor space nerds after all). So this years match will be held on a smaller 5v5 at the indoor handball facility near CCP's HQ.
CCP Puck, who also organised last years event, is looking for enough form 6-8 teams of mixed players and developers which is in contrast to last years Players Vs Developers (and oh boy, the Developers certainly showed who the better team was!) and will run a tournament format. The final format is yet to be finalised and details will be announced closer to the time.
Each person signing up to play will be required to bring one light coloured and one dark coloured top at least. Boots will need to be flat as the matches will be held on AstroTurf.
The current plan is to start the matches on Friday April 22nd which is when the CCP Team usually have the venue booked. Starting at 11am and finishing by 3pm. Please note however this will conflict with the Fanfest Programme for the Friday so keep this in mind when you are signing up for the event.
You can sign up by replying to the official forum post here. If last years shenanigans are anything to go by it should be a great time for all involved.

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