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EVE Scout launch Citadel Research Raffle

Image of EVE Scout launch Citadel Research Raffle

EVE Scout and Signal Cartel have announced that they will be running their own competition during the Upwell Consortium Citadel event currently being run by CCP in the run up to the Citadel Release which is due to come in the Spring of this year.
EVE Scout is a 3rd party site that provides information on how to find entrances to the wormhole hub system of Thera - the only wormhole system to contain permanent NPC stations. They are closely affiliated with the only peaceful exploration corporation Signal Cartel as part of the EVE Scout Enclave.
In their fantastic role play style announcement post on the EVE Scout website they cite security concerns and site worker safety as the reasons for beginning the initiative and intent to provide an alternative to the in game method to CCP's official in game method.
The EVE-Scout Research Component Deposit Service will until the 9th of February be accepting all contracts for Research Components to the character 'Eve Scout' from any NPC station all over New Eden in exchange for a chance to win a number of prizes provided by EvE Scout including:

  • One PLEX for the top contributing corporation

  • One PLEX for the top contributing individual

  • One PLEX each to four contributors randomly drawn from a pool entries. Each Research Component submitted will qualify as an entry for this drawing. Example: 100 Research Components qualify the contributor for 100 entries to the pool.

The research components can be found in a Serpentis Data or Relic exploration sites (including Ghost/Covert Data sites) or can be bought from the in-game market. Amusingly - EVE Scout also suggests wrecks of explorers as also a worth while location to find the components.
So if blueprints from CCP for the new Citadels is not an enticing offer for you - how about giving EVE Scout a try and maybe snagging yourself a PLEX for your efforts?

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