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Call for Player Presentations at Fanfest 2016

Image of Call for Player Presentations at Fanfest 2016

Fanfest is one of the bright beacons of light in the calendar for EVE players - and a dev blog from CCP Falcon put out an open call for players with great presentation ideas to step up and apply for a spot to talk at this year's Fanfest.

As much as we love hearing from CCP about upcoming changes and features and glimpses of things to come, CCP are very keen to let players share their knowledge, experiences and ideas with the rest of the community. CCP Falcon explains in the blog:
We want to get you all involved with Fanfest again this year, with a solid lineup of player presentations, events and content that our developer presentations, roundtables and keynotes can supplement.
We?re looking for players who?re comfortable presenting in front of a Fanfest audience, and who have something interesting or fun to talk about. These players will of course need to be fine with committing to putting together a presentation, hosting a roundtable, or putting together an event at Fanfest 2016.
In terms of presentations, we?re looking at three styles. The first is a full 45 minute session, the second is a shorter 10-20 minute presentation, and the third is a fast, five minute lightning talk. We?re hoping to get together at least one hour long session of lightning talks that would see between five and ten players take to the stage this year, each for five to seven minutes.

Regardless of whether you have a full 45 minutes worth of content to share, or just a short and snappy 10-20 minute briefing, if you have a topic to talk about at Fanfest 2016 then the process is simple:

  • Send an email to [email protected] with a subject containing the words ?Players at Fanfest? somewhere.

  • Include the following information:

    • Real name and age

    • In game name

    • Type of event

    • Desired length of presentation

    • Topic

    • Brief summary of content

    • A little about yourself, and any other information you feel is relevant

The deadline for submitting proposals is February 29th.

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