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On Sunday 31st January 2016 EVE-Bet will be officially launching their new ship raffle games available on their website. The raffles system has been live since this morning and already see traffic to the site increasing! The format is familiar and easy to use and is sure to be a big hit with the gambling pundits.
To celebrate EVE-Bet bosses have tasked Nashh Kadavr to organise a big in-game event like no other. Nashh has reached out for help from fellow content creators like Jayne Fillon and Mangala Solaris to ensure its smooth running and a respectable attendance. During the event 185 ships of all races and sizes will be floating inside a POS bubble and once the POS shield has been destroyed, anyone is free to come and take any of the ships made available. Chaos is sure to ensue in this mad scramble to pick up that valuables! Amongst the numerous T1 and T2 ships the most valuable ones will be worthwhile prizes to try and secure or possibly kill; at least 8 Capital class vessels, several freighters and jump freighter will be accompanied by two Super Carriers.
Non of the ships will be piloted and those with quick reflexes, luck or a lot of friends are sure to be the ones that stand the best chance to get one of these valuable pieces to safety. The entire event will be streamed on the #EVE_NT Collides twitch channel.
No registration is required to attend the event and if you do not have a group to fly with, well known FC and content creator Mangala Solaris will be heading up the EVE-Bet scrubs fleet. This fleet will be open to anyone and pirate corp The Bastards have made their comms available for Mangala to lead his fleet from.
Do you want a chance on a free Super? keep an eye on the @evebet_eve twitter account from which the event location will be announced next weekend!

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