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Yolo Swagtron 24hr Roam Stream for Charity

Image of Yolo Swagtron 24hr Roam Stream for Charity

Summoning up the true spirit of the community, Dreddit pilot Yolo Swagtron will be embarking on a twenty-four hour EVE stream this Saturday in support of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
With mental health awareness growing in prominence, even small community events like this can make a difference. Both CCP and the wider EVE community has shown that it cares about causes like this through groups like #broadcast4reps and fund-raising at events such as EVE Down Under.
In his EVE Subreddit post Yolo writes:

Hello /r/eve not-a-community,
This Saturday I'll be doing another not-a-community event: streaming and playing EVE Online for twenty four hours straight. The goal is to raise at least $500 for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Mental health issues and suicide have had a large impact on my personal life. A lot of people in the small, tight-knit EVE streamer community are doing the 24-hour stream thing, and I thought I'd do one for a cause that I really care about on a personal level.
I'll be starting at 10 US Central (16:00 EVE).
Some amazing things you'll get to see and hear:

  • Top-tier pickup lines.

  • 24 hours with New Eden's #1 Ray Romano lookalike.

  • Elite Yolo Swagtron solo PvP

  • A scientific study on the effects of being a ~big ship~ in Pandemic Legion's staging system.

  • Dreddit/TEST comms and sperg as I lead fleets across New Eden.

  • A Coalition of the Willing fleet to conquer the evil Goons at VFK once and for all.

  • Stories and wisdom from TEST's official Drunk Uncle and executor, Sapporo Jones.

  • I'll hand out some ships and other ~space goodies~ to random people every couple hours.

  • The words "dreddit is recruiting" about 1,000 times.

My twitch stream is here: I'll make another great post here when it kicks off.
And lastly, don't worry: donations are handled through Paypal, and go straight to the charity. I don't see a dime.

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