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Upswell in interest for Upwell's Citadel Competition

Image of Upswell in interest for Upwell\'s Citadel Competition

If you haven't caught the buzz on Twitter, EVE Online's Dev Blog site or even the awesome " target="_blank">Scope News Bulletin then you've come to the right place. Upwell Consortium | Building Dreams are preparing to start construction on the prototype Astrahus Citadel.
In conjunction with this massive undertaking Upwell have issued a call-to-arms (CTA) to all capsuleers to help in this undertaking. The mission, should you choose to accept it, is to raid the Serpentis Exploration Sites and Ghost Sites and bring the required components to Intaki Bank's Special Account Manager Lee Brinalle via contract.
The reward from Intaki is outstanding: for each Research Component contracted to Lee, Intaki will grant you an entry into the Upwell sponsored prize draw. The lucky winner of the draw will received a unique token that can be exchanged for 1 x Fully Researched Astrahus Citadel Blueprint Copy.
If that wasn't enough to get you undocking your ships and cutting about New Eden then hold onto your hats: As each Citadel completes construction (Upwell have planned to produce five prototypes in different locations) the rewards will increase as well!
The tiers and rewards are as follows (all BPCs are fully researched):

  • Citadel 2: +1 x Astrahus BPC

  • Citadel 3: +2 x Astrahus BPCs

  • Citadel 4: +1 x Astrahus BPC and Upwell Branded Apparel for every capsuleer who contracts a Research Component

  • Citadel 5: 1 x Fortizar BPC

The draw for the first Astrahus Citadel BPC will be on February 9 where all capsuleers who contracted Research Components will be entered and eligible to receive that first BPC. If all five of the prototypes are completed then the draw will be for 5 x Astrahus BPC and 1 x Fortizar BPC.
If that still wasn't enough then you could be in with a chance to have your name added to the descriptions of the prototype citadels that you helped to construct. The very lucky few will be selected from all the prize winners from the above draw along with the top contributor. Contributions are being taken from January 26-February 9 inclusive and winners announced after this date and before the end of February so get out there!
Remember to contract your Research Components to Lee Brinalle:
If you want more EVEgasms and info along with a progress of how the citadels are coming along then head over to EVE Online's First Citadels page.
Good luck capsuleers and good hunting.
Maximus Aerelius O7.

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