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Dreddit's first NPSI fleet this Saturday at 20:00 EVE

Image of Dreddit\'s first NPSI fleet this Saturday at 20:00 EVE

Test Alliance Please Ignore has long since passed into the annuals of EVE Online history as one of the bastion alliances. While over the years they have had many ups and downs they have never forgotten their core value - Fun. But more importantly, all inclusive fun, which is highlighted in their local chat mantra '" target="_blank">Dreddit Is Recruiting!'
In a similar vein as many other of the larger more established alliances and corporations came from a shared community forums or bulletin board; Dreddit was formed, as it's name would suggest, by the Reddit Community in 2010. Four years on they are still going on strong.
But ever thought about joining up and becoming a 'testie', but wanted to know what it was like before taking the plunge? Well now you can as Dreddit is running their first Not Purple Shoot It (NSPI) fleet tomorrow!
From their reddit thread (which can be seen here) they provide the following information:

Dreddit, a bunch of spergy nerds from a website with no community, would like to host a community fleet that you are invited to! Giving the ships away free and everything!
I am doing this with little to no forethought, planning, or discussion with Dreddit leaders. I believe this is referred to as "YOLO".
Anyhow, we like to fly internet spaceships, as well as make memes of the dank variety. Also tell terrible, cringy jokes. If these things interest you, come hang out.
-We will be forming in Jita 4-4 on Saturday the 23rd of January, at 20:00 EVE. Hysera if you really, really can't go to highsec.
-Anyone is welcome to join. Even if you're a spy - we'll take you!
-You will be given a free ship to fly. Insure it and collect free ISK; you're gonna die.
-Dest and doctrine are TBA. If you're able to fly tech 1 gallente cruisers or any frigates, you'll be fine.
-You will need to be in the in-game channel Dreddit Recruitment. When it's time to form, drop an x in there to get an invite.
-You will need mumble to talk to us. You'll get details when we form.
-Grr goons

Are you attending this roam? Would you like to share your experience of it? Then please get in contact with Tiberius StarGazer via in-game mail or via twitter @TiberiusStarGaz. In the mean time, I'll leave you with one of my favourite TEST Propaganda Videos from 2015.


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