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#evefanfest Memories Contest

Image of #evefanfest Memories Contest

Now the year has ticked over to 2016, April and Fanfest 2016 suddenly seems a whole lot closer. For some players, it will be their first Fanfest, or indeed their first player meet at all; so who better than EVE community to share their memories and images of Fanfests gone by to give new attendees a glimpse of what goes on?
That is exactly what CCP has asked the community to do, via a news post by CCP Falcon. They are looking for YOUR memories of Fanfest in photo form, be it funny or poignant or just plain crazy. As well as sharing with the wider community, players can net themselves a nice little prize from a pool that includes PLEX, game time, and even signed copies of the Source Limited Edition, Art of New Eden, and Into The Second Decade.
Every day between now and January 29th, two winners will be picked and awarded a prize from the pool. On the 29th itself, there is a grand prize available to a third lucky entrant:

  • 120 days of game time

  • 10 PLEX

  • Pair of EVE Online Shot Glasses

  • Signed copy of each of the EVE Novels

  • Signed Commissioned Officer Edition of EVE

  • Signed EVE: Source Limited Edition

  • Signed EVE Universe: The Art Of New Eden

  • Signed copy of the original "Art Of EVE"

  • Randomly selected faction beer glass

  • Assorted packs from EVE: The Collectible Card Game

If that wasn't shiny enough already, if the grand prize winner is attending this year's Fanfest then they also win an invite to CCP Headquarters for a tour, lunch, and even more signed EVE swag.
Entry is simple - dig out your best photos from previous Fanfests, tweet them along with what makes that snapshot special to you, and make sure to add the #evefanfest hashtag so they can be found. 
So open up your photo albums, pick out your best memory, and check out the #evefanfest hashtag on Twitter to see snaps of Fanfests past!

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