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CSM 11 CSM Watch Candidate Interviews

Image of CSM 11 CSM Watch Candidate Interviews

Cap Stable (and its spin off podcast CSM Watch,) are for the third time taking on the herculean task of interviewing as many of this years Council Of Stellar Management candidates as possible. All in time for this years elections which will be coming on February 29th.
Cap Stable, put together by the members of Alea Iacta Est Universal, a corporation formed of podcasters and friends from World of Warcraft community. As the community spread out to other MMOs, EVE online being one of them and having corp members who were also Podcasters, it didn't take them long to begin podcasting under the name of Cap Stable which started recording in August 2010. Now with 80 episodes behind them, Cap Stable has secured itself as one of the longest running podcasts currently active in the EVE community.
Along with Cap Stable French which began in February of 2015 the Cap Stable Team also started the Council Of Stellar Management focused podcast CSM Watch in May 2015.
The format was inspired by Xander Phoena and his efforts interviewing candidates for CSM 8 in 2013 as part of the Crossing Zebras podcast. In 2014 however Xander Phoena decided himself to run for CSM 9 and so it fell to the Cap Stable team to pick up the mantle.
Entering their third year, the CSM Watch team made up of of a smorgasbord of EVE Podcasters, members of the CSM both past and current as well as community figures including:- Marc Scaurus, Nosy Gamer, Lockefox, Argus Quillington, Corbexx, Cyrillian Voth, General Stargazer, J McClain, Jayne Fillon, Kira Tsukimoto, Mike Azariah, Protovarious, Random McNally, and Sheeana al-Seyefa along with the Cap Stable panel regulars: Lanctharus Onzo, StupidGenius Charante, Darro Hoots, Turboaddiction, Kuda Timberline, and Bhock. The size of the team probably indicates the huge amount of work that will be going into this project.
CSM Watch have proven time after time not only in their interviews, but also in their regular podcasts that they are not frightened to put candidates on the spot by asking them the tough questions. If you are looking for the best way to learn about the various candidates and who may best represent you on the Council the CSM Watch interviews are highly recommended listening.
With five candidate interviews out already you better be quick to keep up! You can find the interview on their website at and on itunes.

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