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PLEX for your Forts in January o7 Show

Image of PLEX for your Forts in January o7 Show

Haven't got kids but want need an excuse to build forts? Then grab yer pillows, dig out all the cardboard, tape (insert Minmatar ship joke here) and get building as CCP Mimic today threw up this challenge via Twitter:
Need more reasons than "Just because you can"? Well OK then:
To coincide with the first o7: The EVE Online Show of 2016 going on-air at 2000hrs UCT on January 28 where they'll be talking about the upcoming Citadel update scheduled for Spring 2016 CCP will be showcasing the top entries in the 'My homemade Citadel' contest. CCP would like you to create your very own citadel from whatever you find in your house (google "pillow fort" for inspiration) and send them a picture of it.
But what is the o7 Show? The O7 show is hosted by CCP developers who take you into 'CCP Life'. It showcases community creations such as " target="_blank">zaqq's 'Ferocious Seven' video or charity events such as the EOC.TV Rumble. They also have guests on for interviews, take us behind the scenes when a new patch is due and have plenty of fun. Sometimes there are give-aways beforehand in the CCP Twitch channel when the show is streamed live. The whole show is recorded and then posted up to YouTube a few days later for those that can't watch it live so don't worry about missing out on anything if you can't make it, just head over to the o7 Show's YouTube page and then tell your friends.
On top of that, the Top Three entries will have a chance to win free PLEX and SKiNs! Now we're talking right? Forts, free stuff, possibly showcased on the internet...well best get your submission sent to [email protected] with the subject 'My homemade Citadel' to be in with a chance to win.
They'd also like to hear your thoughts on the 07 Show in this short survey. It's a very simple to fill out and takes about 5 minutes, even if you've never seen the show or only just heard about it through this article. So get over there and let them know.
Go fort and prosper!
Maximus Aerelius O7.

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