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EVE New England is seeking a new home

Image of EVE New England is seeking a new home

EVE New England, one of the, if not the largest player run gatherings in the United States, and it is seeking a new venue to host it.
For the past several years TDSIN has held a BBQ lasting the weekend at a corp member's farm up in central New Hampshire. In 2014 it was opened it up to all of New Eden and in both 2014 and 2015 the event has been a huge success.
With all food cooked and served at the venue including Pizzas, Pancakes, Bugers, Hotdogs, BBQ to keep you fed during the plethora of events including poker and PvP tournaments, panels and keynotes all finished off with fireworks!
However the venue now finds itself without a home. In his reddit post organiser Exooki posted:

Long story short for the past 5 years we have hosted EVE New England on a corp mate's farm. Unfortunately he is moving and the farm is lost to us. So while I pursue alternatives, I am hoping there is a friendly local EVE player (or you know someone) that would let us use your private property.
My staff will take care of everything, and I can pay for a rider on your insurance, or bring event insurance in addition to compensating you for your help.
We basically just need a large field (or fields) to park cars, setup camping tents and haul in a big event tent to party under. In 2015 136 people came, and if I can find a venue we expect that number to grow some more. The event starts on a Thursday evening usually in June-September and wraps up Sunday, and if needed me and my staff can be there early to prepare (We will mow your lawn and w/e else you need).
You can hit me up on reddit, or in-game as ExookiZ. thanks for your help!

If you know anyone who can support this great event please do get in touch!

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