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EOC.TV Rumble Prize Winners

Image of EOC.TV Rumble Prize Winners

With ISK, ships and some signed CCP loot up for grabs, the EOC.TV Rumble winners have been announced.
The system of Martoh lit up during the event on November 29th, with TiDi holding at 10% for most of the battle and an average of 2100 pilots in system. More than 470 billion ISK worth of ships were destroyed during the event, with four FC'd fleets being joined by outside groups such as Spectre Fleet, Project.Mayhem and Brave in a multi-way brawl in support of EVE charities - Care4Kids, Best Of Us, and PLEX 4 Good. Prizes were up for grabs for kill milestones, Most Expensive kills and losses, as well as for the final blow on a Leviathan Titan.
Organiser for the event Adarics said in his post-

Hey Everyone,
Below are the list of winners of the EOC.TV Rumble 2015.
There have been a few problems with the kill-mails where some seem to be out of order with so much data going on during the event. As such, determining who killed who first was a challenge for us and several third parties going over the data. We have seen pods killed before the actual ships blowing up.
In light of the ones we were unsure, we asked Chribba to use his random generator as a third party to determine the winners of some of the prizes.
Again, we highly apologize for the delay, but Evil At Work wanted to be fair and correct as we possibly could.

The full list of winners can be found in this forum post, but a few highlights are:

  • First Kill In Target System ? Shadow Phaze? Signed Valkyrie comic prize

  • Most Killed Count - klimis Lnnister ? 4 billion ISK prize

  • Most Expensive Overall Loss - Jops ? 1 billion ISK prize

  • Final Titan Blow ? Illustria Madeveda - Signed copy of Second Decade Collector's Edition


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