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O7 Show Episode 12

Image of O7 Show Episode 12

0:00 'How do you say it' with Pontifex, Bifrost, Stork, and Magus
2:40 Team Astro Sparkle - Discussion with CCP Reddawn talking about the new PvE content in operation Frostline and Blood Raider Gauntlets
11:40 Does it Fit - Fitting up the new Command Destroyers with CCP Rise and CCP Betik
17:30 Ferocious 7.0 - Preview trailer for the PvP Series by Big Miker
18:40 EVE Down Under - a montage about the EVE Down Under player event and CCP's highlights
24:00 The o7 Report - All the news from the alliance around EVE.
30:00 Upcoming Player Meets - a quick round up of the meets coming up during the end of the year
31:30 New effects - A quick showcase of all the new in game effects.
34:20 Interview with Nashh Kadavr - Talking about the Trillionair Xmas Party and about EVE_NT
41:40 Celebrity Shootout - Sindel Pellion Vs Kira Tsukimoto.
48:45 Developer Roam - CCP Larrikin and CCP Rise

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