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Hydrostatic Lore Panel - Frostline Edition

Image of Hydrostatic Lore Panel - Frostline Edition

The masters of EVE lore have come together once again to discuss all the lore behind the recent Operation Frostline release.

For the first hour the panel discuss the lore surrounding the Ammarian Heirs, their houses and how they relate to the recent Amarr Championships. They then move on to discussing the lore behind the new Frostline release and the Upwell Consortium, who are set to be the main antagonists in the next major release 'Citadel' coming spring 2016. The final part of the panel then covers the discovery of mysterious Jovian structures deep in Drifter Wormholes and Drifter Boosters.
This episode was panelled by the hosts and guests:-
Ashterothi: @ashterothi
Ash is a host of the High Drag Podcast, current writer for Crossing Zebras, and former writer for He's been playing Eve since 2010.
Makoto Priano: @makotopriano
CEO of Itsukame-Zainou, one of the coordinators of a Drifter-fighting group, a member of the Tweetfleet Slack #Lore community, a roleplayer, and an explorer. Also, IKAME is recruiting.
Mark726: @webspaceships
Author of EVE Travel and the Lore Survival Guide, an explorer living in wormhole space and all round lore enthusiast.
Morwen Lagann: @morwenlagann
CEO of Tyrathlion Interstellar, and another coordinator for the (Drifter-fighting) Consortium. An explorer and roleplayer, and a moderator for a number of roleplayer hangouts, including the Backstage forum. Easily found lurking or even participating in #lore or #roleplay on Tweetfleet Slack.
Uriel Anteovnuecci: @anteovnuecci
Go-to guy for Jove-related things at [JLAB]. Roleplayer, seriously into the current storyline and eagerly waiting on the upcoming SoCT chronicle. Can be found dredging the game files for juicy new stuff or brainstorming one theory or another in the #Lore channel on Slack.
Alizabeth Vea: @alizabethvea
Goon, Amarr RPer, Colonel Tigh of Amarr Lore. Writer for

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