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Bombers Bar Video Contest ends soon!

Image of Bombers Bar Video Contest ends soon!

If the thrill of stealth ops and coordinated bombing runs is something that gets you going, then Bombers Bar are looking to hear from you.

Bombers Bar, (based out of Thera, they are famous for being one of EVE's earliest pioneers of the Not Purple Shoot It or NPSI fleet) are on the hunt for a player-created video that showcases what makes their operations unique. They have have teamed up with Evebet and to offer 10 billion ISK to the top entry, as well as a runner-up prize of 1 billion ISK. The winning video will feature on Bombers Bar's social media pages on Reddit, Facebook and Twitter (@TheBombersBar)

If you think you can combine that special something Bombers Bar bring with some video creativity, then there are a few small rules:

  • The Evebet logo is required in the corner of the video, as well as a mention to Evebet in the credits

  • Your own video needs to include a short clip from both Evebet and Trillionaire - they can be found here, so take your pick and add them in.

  • Create your video and upload it to YouTube - make sure to title it ?Bombers Bar Video Competition? so that it can be found as an valid entry

Competition entries must be in by midnight (UTC/EVE time) on December 18th, with the winner being decided by vote.
So fire up your creativity, and best of luck!
Bombers Bar pioneered many of the tactics that bombing fleets use widely today and with the ever changing meta of EVE ? Bombers Bar to this day remain as one of the leading developers of new Black Ops tactics. Combine this with the enthusiasm of their Fleet Commanders, Bombers Bar remains one of the most popular NPSI Fleets around.

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