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Trillionaire Host Frigate Free for All Xmas Party

Image of Trillionaire Host Frigate Free for All Xmas Party is a relatively new site which has just started making a name for itself in the world of EVE gambling services after smashing past the One Trillion ISK mark in prizes awarded. Along with the usual services you would expect from a gambling website there are a selection of raffles, and interestingly a selection of fun little free games to play. (My personal favourite being the Asteroids based mini game with a Venture by the name of ?Adventure Time?.) The site also has its own reward system for loyal users in the form of a loyalty store where points can be traded for rookie ships all the way up to capitals and freighters.
The people behind Trillionaire are big supporter of community events - and naturally as any good event organisers they intend to host a Christmas Party! This event is totally paid for by the Trillionaire team who will be providing 6,000 frigates to hand out at this event - for free! There are no entry frees, no t2 ships or modules, just come along to Mya on the Saturday 19th of December at 20:00 EVE time to get involved in the fun.
When you arrive a star-base will be in position for you to warp to and the free frigates will be ejected from he hanger array. All the frigates will be tech 1 ships and fit so you don't have to worry about skill requirements. Grab a ship, jump into the fight, blow some people up, and when you eventually get blown up, fly back and grab another. There will also be the chance to get on the kill-mails of 5 carriers that will be sacrificed during the event.
You can find out more about this event and register at or you can contact Cyber Ten the main organiser of the event.
35 capsuleers have already registered including Pandemic Legion's legendary super hunter Rocket X, CSM X's Jayne Fillion, the gentleman pirate Rixx Javixx and finally #EVE_NT's very own Nashh Kadavr.

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