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#EVE_NT Media Is Live

Image of #EVE_NT Media Is Live

We at #EVE_NT are very excited to welcome you to the first official post of the new #EVE_NT Media section of! Over the last couple of weeks we have been working very hard to bring to you everything the EVE Community has to offer.

But what is #EVE_NT Media?

Building on the strong community foundation formed by Nashh Kadavr and his team, (who are known for one of the UK's largest organised player gatherings EVE Nottingham and player tournament #EVE_NT Collides) #EVE_NT Media intends to focus on the fantastic events, both in-game and out, organised and run by you guys - the EVE Online Community. This includes information and reviews on player gatherings, in-game player events, tournaments, CSM, media, and community spotlights on notable EVE figures to name just a few.

What makes #EVE_NT Media different from any other EVE site?

Quite simply there will only be community news. No inter alliance meta games, no drama, just great fun events and community projects that you - the reader - can get involved in. There are already a number of other great sites where you can get general in-game player news and there is no need for us to further add to that, but there is plenty of community projects that just don't get the exposure they deserve.

I'm an event organiser and have an event to promote how do I contribute?

We want to hear all about your event, and future events! Player organised events will be the cornerstone of #EVE_NT Media and promoting your events is what we want to do. Simply mail in game Tiberius StarGazer or Nashh Kadavr with all the information on your event and we will promote it on this site. Remember to provide key information including times, dates, key contacts, and locations. If you have a mailing list - we would like to be on it! This will allow us to promote your events as you announce them.

I love community events and want to write about them, how can I sign up?

We are always on the look out for writers, even if you don't have any qualifications or professional experience, we are simply looking for people who are passionate about EVE Online. All you need is access to Skype. Please contact Tiberius StarGazer or Nashh Kadavrr in game.

I have something I want to share with the community, can I submit it for promotion?

Of course! If its an EVE related video, Story, a spotlight on an Alliance or Corporation, a CSM campaign, we want it all. Simply contact Tiberius StarGazer or Nashh Kadavr in game.
#EVE_NT Media team is currently hard at work bringing you the first lot of community articles and staff introductions which are to be released over the next few days.
Until then, fly safe space friends o7

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