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#EVE_NT is expanding!

Image of #EVE_NT is expanding!

The brand #EVE_NT is expanding in 2016 in a few different ways; more EVE-meets, third party facilities and a media section. However the first step to help achieve a bigger and better season of #EVE_NT Collides we will launch its baby brother; #EVE_NT Fight Club.
Another brainchild from the ever talented Bei ArtJay and with help from non-other than CCP Fozzie we will add an additional 4 broadcast to this seasons EVEsports. In essence its a 'lower-tier-league' to Collides that will allow for anyone interested in competitive EVE game-play to have a shot at participating in the full Collides season later in 2016. The Fight Club will be hosted by one of our most experienced commentators from the Collides series; Mr Apothne and will feature various guest commentators to entertain the viewers.
The full rules will be disclosed on the 6th of December and more details can be found on the #EVE_NT website.

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