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#EVE_NT Collides Prizes

Image of #EVE_NT Collides Prizes

Although the format of the #EVE_NT Collides series has been solidified in various tests and warm-up rounds, it proved hard to get teams to commit their time and efforts to a side project outside their busy EVE schedules and the Alliance Tournament. Thanks to an amazing contribution from CCP we have secured 150 unique SKINS to seduce some of the top competitive players in EVE Online and to provide the best possible entertainment for this first full season.
At the end of the season the four least successful Alliances will still walk away with 10 of these unique items, as a reward for their time and efforts invested in this project. 4th placing will earn 15 SKINS, 3rd will win 20, 2nd place will walk away with 30 SKINS and the seasons champions will earn themselves a whopping 45 of these rare SKINS. DEspite SKINS not having any additional value through increased or beneficial statistics they will be considered very rare and are sure to be a collectors item, with some speculations guessing their value at around 20 billion ISK each!
Although the actual images for the prize SKINS are not yet available, CCP Guard has alluded to the possible hull type and colour scheme; Typhoon in a white, orange and blue paint job!
The corporation created for this particular SKIN is Independent Gaming Commission [IGC], a most suitable corp name for this EVEsports prize. As soon as we have any visual confirmation of this amazing contribution from CCP you will hear about it here first!

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