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EVEathon 2017 Stream!

Image of EVEathon 2017 Stream!

Last year, two streamers, scaredpanda and Rahne, took on a very ambitious project; EVE’s very first 72-hour continuous stream: EVEathon. With over a dozen streamers involved in the project, EVEathon managed to shatter the barriers for player-driven fundraisers - a monumental task given EVE’s very charitable player base.  EVEathon raised over $6,800 for the charity organisation Spam4Heals - a nonprofit benefiting Broadcast4Reps and Best Of Us with a focus on suicide prevention and awareness.  This year they’re at it again!
EVEathon 2017 will be benefiting The AbleGamers Foundation, an established non-profit organisation dedicated to bringing the wonderful world of video games to those with disabilities.  Moreover, AbleGamers has been instrumental in the lives of several EVE denizens - making them the perfect choice.  In-game donations will be accepted, too, for The Angel Project ( a 5-year-old in-game charity with 100% of the donations supporting new player groups.  
From Friday, June 16th until Sunday, June 18th, scaredpanda and Rahne will be joined by Gommel Nox and other EVE Online personalities at for seventy-two continuous hours of Eve Online action!  Everything from solo PvP, NPSI Fleets to exploration and mining - anything you’re interested in will be covered.  Whether you can donate in-game, out-of-game, or not at all - EVEathon would love to have you watch and spread the news.  Let everyone know that, without a doubt, the game known for scams, deception, and war is still the best at being charitable.  

You can follow and see more info about it on Rahnes twitter feed, here:

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