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CSM 12 Inaugural Update & Communication Plan

Image of CSM 12 Inaugural Update & Communication Plan

Hello all. As you should now be aware, CSM 11 has given way to CSM 12, which means a fresh start for all of us, and a chance for myself to review what went right and what went wrong with regards to getting information to you all during the past term, and hopefully make amends to that in order to better inform the public on what the CSM is doing, and keep us as in touch as possible.

Given that, I want to lay out my current plans publically, and ask for feedback and criticism on these plans, with the aims of reaching as wide of an audience within the EvE community as possible. Contact details for me are publically available in the forums post detailed below if you wish to reach out to me privately.

The first change is one you might notice immediately, that I’m going to be making my updates available in audio format. This is something people have requested from me last term, and I’ve decided to give it a shot. I can’t promise that it’s going to be a perfect, crisply recorded endeavour every time, but for those of you who (like me) have boring desk jobs and enjoy listening to EvE content whilst doing them, I hope that it will at least fit somewhere in your podcast rotation.

My updates will also continue to be fortnightly, with the intent for them to be written after each other weekly meeting with Logibro/Guard.

The Quarterly Reviews (1, 2, 3) will also continue this term, being started every 13 weeks, in order to give people a chance to find out where individual CSM members stand on various questions and issues, and start a discussion around that. I will also work to pull more questions from the community this time, as I found that they seemed to provoke the most interesting answers.

I will also be working with Apothne to run a monthly Podcast with the CSM, which was trialled to relatively good feedback in the last two months of CSM 11. This should serve to cover hot button topics in more detail and get our views out to the public. Expect the first one to involve some of the newer members of CSM 12, so that you can get to know what their focuses are, and what they plan to do on the CSM.

In addition to all this, we have set up a publically accessible Discord, where everyone can talk to us directly. This was something brought up during CSM 11, but we felt that starting it near the end of the term wouldn’t be ideal, as it would split the communication streams we’d already set up with people. As a large amount of people have switched over to this system, it’s only natural that we’d integrate it as we attempt to talk to the playerbase at large.

The Judge has also collated contact details from all willing CSM members and put them into a single shared space (that may be updated) so that you can get in contact with us on whatever platform you use.

Moving on to Roundtables, given how successful I felt they were last year, I (along with other CSM members) intend to run a few more this year to help keep the CSM up to date on how various changes have affected certain playstyles or places within the game. In the same vein, Noobman is also likely to continue the excellent work he’s done with his Wormhole Townhalls.

This about sums up the current ‘public’ methods of communication that the CSM as a whole has committed to so far, though it should be noted that we will continue to - much as before - reach out to individuals and be involved in the community overall, from EvE-O forums to Reddit and keep an eye on things that should be brought up with appropriate devs.


To give an update on what is going on within the CSM itself, the new members are currently still in the process of being brought on board to the IT infrastructure of CCP in order to give them access to the tools with which they can talk to CCP.

However, we have also had our first ‘true’ meeting, with the handover meeting between CSM 11 and CSM 12 taking place, wherein the newer members were briefed on all the specifics of the council.

During this period, the CSM took the time to highlight several issues that ran through CSM 11 which have not reached their conclusion, in order to keep the conversation alive and fresh with CCP. This includes things such as balance velocity & specifics, the impacts of citadels on the game, the form of upcoming changes to moon mining, and a great many other things. However, a lot of things are on pause until CSM 12 is on the same page in terms of familiarity with teams & CCP’s structure, as there is no desire to leave them out of the conversation.

That’s all for this time, see you guys next time.


Weeks Ending 23/04/17 & 30/04/17

Attendance Sheet Here

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