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EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 - Minor League Week 3

Image of EVE_NT Championship Spring 2017 - Minor League Week 3

Sudden Otters retained their 1-point lead at the top of the table, while 3 teams still had yet to score any league points. Would this be the week where everything changed? With no less than FIVE dominating victories, it was certainly a week to shake up the scores!


Templis vs Nasty Boyz

Both teams seemed keen to gain good ground before making their opening attacks, piecemeal damage being applied to the smaller support ships on and off, but both shield logi pilots kept their teams in good order. It took a full 5 minutes for the first break to come through, with Nasty Boyz pouncing on the Scythe and Hurricane as their own Thrasher was caught and swiftly dispatched from the field- first blood to Templis, though their Scythe did fall shortly afterwards. As Nasty Boyz’ Osprey went dangerously into structure, Templis’ Hurricane finally gave out; Templis would also lose their Raven while the Osprey got a few more boosts of shield back before falling. With the Talwar and Merlin cleared up, first win of the day went to Nasty Boyz.


Offline vs Make Amarr Great Again

The Dominix from the Make Amarr Great Again team may not have been expected, but the shield battleship was Offline’s first target of choice. The Osprey of Offline was forced to try and outrun the damage from their opponents; MAGA switched on to the Slasher instead, taking it into very low structure before the Osprey could respond. The shield logi ship would be the first death of the match, followed by the Slasher and Thrasher. The last two Offline ships could not break through armour reps on the MAGA Prophecy or Algos, and it would prove to be a much-needed domination victory for the MAGA team.


Sudden Otters vs Power Ducks

Opening damage on the Prophecy of Power Ducks took it through shields quickly, but Augoror reps kept it alive as they moved in to try and get a hold of Sudden Otters’ Rokh. A quick volley or two from the Hurricane of Sudden Otters made short work of Power Ducks’ Slasher, but the Ducks were undeterred and turned back to open fire on the Osprey. Out of charges, the Osprey would explode and was quickly followed by their Thrasher teammate as the match swung in the favour of Power Ducks. Sudden Otter’s Hurricane was the next victim, leaving just a Merlin and Rokh that were still struggling to work through the armour of Power Ducks’ Prophecy. The Merlin was unable to put up much of a fight against the incoming damage, and the Rokh’s death would mean a win for Power Ducks.


Templis vs Footwork

A Bantam from Templis and a Tristan from Footwork made up the less-popular picks for this match, with Templis’ Scorpion throwing out jams across the board. Footwork’s Algos was short lived as the logi struggled to dodge the Scorpion’s ECM, a fate shared by their Merlin teammate shortly after. With a huge amount of control and attack available to them, Templis continued to burn through ships as they took out the Augoror with barely a scratch landing on any of their own ships. Footwork’s Prophecy and Apocalypse were still yet to be able to apply much damage as the Scorpion kept on top of them, short bursts of activity coming here and there- in the end, it would come as no surprise that Templis picked up their first domination victory.


Exodunks vs Make Amarr Great Again

With a range of jammers on board, Exodunks’ Griffin seemed to be a good pick against the Amarr-Gallente picks of the MAGA team. MAGA’s Exequror was stretched as it tried to keep the Prophecy, Algos, and Punisher alive; something had to give, and it proved to be the Punisher. Exodunks’ Tempest and Scythe took some hard hits from the Megathron of MAGA, but the battlecruiser and destroyer of the Amarr team were still in danger. The Algos would be the second death of the match as the Megathron too lost its shields. With the Exequror jammed there were no reps available for the Megathron- but the Thrasher of Exodunks suddenly came close to exploding, almost throwing away a domination victory. A good catch from their Scythe saved him as Exodunks finished off the Megathron, cleaning up the Exequror and Prophecy for that domination victory.


Nasty Boyz vs Offline

Nasty Boyz were looking for their second win of the evening, but Offline had other ideas. While it was Offline’s’ Coercer who took the most damage at the start of the match, it was the Scythe of Nasty Boyz that would give up first blood. Despite their Atron, Coercer and Exequror all dropping into armour, the Thrasher and Slasher would be the next two kills in favour of Offline. With just a Ferox and Hyperion left, Nasty Boyz just did not have the application to take out any of their opponents as they were held down and slowly beaten down. Yet another domination victory, but this time in favour of Offline.

Exodunks vs Footwork

An IGC-skinned Typhoon on grid from Footwork and an interesting pick in the form of a Dragoon from Exodunks, the Footwork team were able to get a good spread of damage across the Rifter, Prophecy and Hyperion of Exodunks. But despite the best efforts of their logi pilot and team captain, Footwork’s Ferox took too many focused volleys and was the first to fall. As the Scythe followed it into destruction, it was starting to look grim for the Footwork team. Exodunks kept rolling with it, burning down the Slasher next before moving on to the Talwar. A full team against a lone Typhoon would not end well, and we saw the fifth domination victory of the night go in favour of Exodunks.


With two domination victories in a single night, Exodunks kicked Sudden Otters from their first place position, while Make Amarr Great Again gained two places to start nipping at the heels of Offline for fourth place. With just the final weekend left to play, there is still time for some upsets and comebacks!

A full rundown of the match results and points scored is available over on our Arena site, along with information on the rules and ship fittings of this season’s Championship.


Next week sees the return of the Major League for their third week of matches - we’ll see you on Twitch on March 12th for more explosions!


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