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EVE_NT Update

Image of EVE_NT Update

There are a few small changes coming in at EVE_NT that I would like to let everyone know about!
Over the time that we have been active, and with the help of our incredible team of Directors, Managers and volunteers we have built and provided many different types of community services in- and out-of-game as well as online and in real life. The things we have achieved as a collective are pretty impressive and we have no intention of stopping just yet, in fact we are looking to ramp up our productions and services and turn the volume up to 11.
Our current Board of Directors and managers:
Nashh Kadavr - Founder / Owner
Bei Artjay - Content and Game Design
Tiberius StarGazer - Editor in Chief
Demetri Slavic - EVE_NT London
Elise Randolph - EVESports Director
Tyrendian Biohazard - Stream Director
Rahne Chocolate - TV Content Director
Dwaigon Aumer - Tech and Security Director
Veetor Nara - Tech Director
Kaulis - Marketing Director
Hendrick Tallardar - Youtube Manager
Rixx Javix - Art Director
With the recent changes to the EULA the gambling services in EVE have all disappeared and with it sponsorship has dried up for many community projects including our own. Not only that, but our good friends at some of these past ventures are now jobless but are still looking to provide content for the community.
With the shared interest from my two good friends Veetor Nara and Ela van Black, previously from Trillionaire projects, we have decided a merger between the two brands and their respective resources to form a super team and boost EVE_NT into a new era.
As of this moment Veetor, Ela, and myself will take on shared ownership of the EVE_NT brand. With a solid plan already in place to boost the quality and looks of the current services we will be available to help boost and support our Directors, Managers and their respective teams to achieve better standards even quicker. The first changes can be expected on the website before the end of the year and will be mostly focused on streamlining the look and feel of the website, making services more easily accessible and smoother to navigate.
There are a few additions that will be added to the site before the end of the year as well, each with their own respective team to look after. They are as follows:    
EVE Arena: Worked on hard by Jason Quixos and Bei Artjay; it has the potential to pave the way of any future EVEsports. It's ladder system would allow for perpetual competitive gameplay allowing for pre-season competition outside of our main Championship tournament.
ISKstarter: Coded by Robert Shuh and managed by Tyrendian Biohazard and Bam Stroker; this website will be the go-to-place for those community content creators looking for sponsorship. In the same style as Patreon and Kickstarter this website allows for the posting of projects that others can donate to. Crowdfunding will be the future of those projects looking for sponsorship and this is the site that makes it possible.
In-game event Planner: Organising something ingame? A public roam? A celebration? Register it here and we can help you promote your event and get people to sign up!
Ship spinner: Designed by Veetor Nara and will be added to the list of applications you can play with and make cool ship designs whilst we anticipate the arrival of the full EVE_NT studio. This page will provide hours of fun, until the Creator Studio is available.
We have a list of other applications and services shortlisted that are being worked on and will be released in the near future as well so make sure you keep an eye on the upcoming changes.
To celebrate we will be blowing up 18 Carriers and giving away 4000 destroyers on 3-12-16 if you would like to attend please come and register and come and join in on the fun!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our incredible staff and volunteers, our managers and Directors and welcome our two new additional owners of EVE_NT: Veetor Nara and Ela van Black.
Kind regards,
Nashh Kadavr
Owner / Founder EVE_NT

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