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EVE University ? This Weeks Classes

Image of EVE University ? This Weeks Classes

The following was taken from this weeks EVE University public mailing list which you join in game by signing up to ?Classes.E-UNI?.
The primary purpose of EVE University is to teach new (and old) players about the basics of life in EVE and various aspects of game play. To that end they hold regular classes, both theoretical and practical, in order to accomplish this goal. You can find more information on how to join their classes on their website. If you are unable to attend a live class due to time zone differences, you will also be able to find transcripts of their classes as well.
Please note that most of their classes are public! You do not need to be a member of EVE University to join!
This is a preliminary overview of University classes scheduled for the week of Monday, 07 November. All dates are subject to change at the discretion of the lecturer and/or teaching staff. All times are specified in EVE time. All classes are open to the public unless specified otherwise.

Tuesday, 08 November
01:30 - Introduction to EVE University
This is a class for new Unistas, pilots looking to join E-Uni, or anyone curious about how the Uni runs. All are welcome. Braan Cadar instructs.

Tuesday, 08 November
04:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics - DST CHANGE
Professor Seamus Donohue offers the first of his twice weekly Q&A Sessions on EVE Game Mechanics. If you've got EVE related questions, bring them along and he'll answer them for you. Due to Daylight Saving Time change in the United States, this will now be a 04:00 session.

Friday, 11 November
01:30 - DScan 101
This is a class on the function and uses of the Directional scanner - often called the "d-scan". There is a large amount of information stored in the scanner, and it can be overwhelming if you don't know what your looking at. The d-scanner has a wide variety of uses that can be used even by total beginners. This class teaches the fundamentals of using this tool in a format easily understandable by the newest of EVE players. Reise Amatin is your lead radar officer for this class.

16:30 - Hauling 101
Tavion Aksmis is once again running a series of classes on all things Hauling. First up: The basics. Why haul. How to tank. Basic Do's and Dont's. (Link to the class is from the previous class).
18:30 - Hauling 102
Tavion Aksmis continues the series. This time: More details on safety and some math about warp time. Instant Dock and undock bookmarks. Travelceptors, Blockade Runners and Deep Space Transports. Double and Single Wrapping. More on Saferty. (Link to the class is from the previous class).

Saturday, 12 November
05:30 - [Weekly Class] How to Make Isk
Are you space poor? Quantum Andomer wants to help you get space richer. He will cover ISK making opportunities in all sectors of New Eden, both Known Space and Wormhole space.

17:00 - Freighter 101
Tavion Aksmis continues the hauling classes, this time talking about that big daddy of haulers, the Freighter. If you're going to be looking to make a career in hauling, this class will talk about the SP and ISK requirements, collateral, how ganks are done and how to minimize them, webber alts and using a contract alt. (Link to the class is from the previous class).

Sunday, 13 November
20:00 - [Q&A] Game Mechanics
For the second time this week, it's time to play "Stump the Prof". Bring your questions to this session about EVE Game Mechanics and let Professor Donohue answer them. It's office hours and the Professor is in!
21:00 - Jump Freighters and Suitcase Capitals
Ever wondered how a cyno or a capital jump drive works? Or how Mercenary Coalition fight in a new war each month in a completely different part of null space?? This class will explain the machanics behind movement of capital ships from a hauling and logistics perspective with Jump Freighters as main focus, with information on Suitcase Capitals and capital movement.

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