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Pod and Planet Fiction Contest is Open!

Image of Pod and Planet Fiction Contest is Open!

As winter in EVE approaches there are a number of things that happen, the universe of New Eden goes to war, the Winter release looms on the horizon and the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest opens for entries.
In the previous four years Telegram Sam with Mysterious Alt have run this competition and in that time 279 stories have been submitted with over 205 billion ISK in prizes has been given out. So for the 5th year submissions have opened up and the deadline is October 26th. Which means you have 18 days from today to produce a work of fiction if you haven't already done so!
The competition runners are happy to give advice to those who have never run before:
If you've never written before, don't be afraid to submit an entry. The same if English is not your first language. Every year EVE players who have never written before write stories for this contest, and they seem to have great fun doing it. Some have won top prize awards too. Likewise, EVE players from all over the world from diverse native languages have entered stories and won prizes. The judges will not penalise a story if it isn't written with native fluency. The story, ideas, and story-telling are what count.
To that end there is a brand new category for this year: Best Entry by a New Writer, a special reward just for new writers to the competition. Details are again on the Rules page.
There are a number of catagories for this years competition, Lore-Based; Freeform/Ingame-Based, and Humor/Humour. You can find out more information on these categories on the rules page of the Pod and Planet website here.
This years judging team with many back from last year including three Pod and Planet veteran judges and two professional EVE Online writers. Check out the Judging page to learn more about them.
- Cagali Cagali
?- CCP Falcon
- CCP Delegate Zero
- Lunarisse Aspenstar
- Sindel Pellion
- Telegram Sam
So remember, entries are due by the end of October 26, 2016, EVE time so head over to the Pod and Planet competition site here for more information.

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