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#EVE_NT AT Show Weekend Thankyou's and Stats!

Image of #EVE_NT AT Show Weekend Thankyou\'s and Stats!

The first weekend of the Alliance Tournament XIV has come to a close and #EVE_NT's part in the broadcast has now also come to an end. But what a weekend it was! After the days of blood sweat and tears in preparing for the broadcast the team both in Nottingham and around the world can now sit back and relax and enjoy the rest of the competition as CCP begin their official stream next weekend.
A special thanks go out to everyone who took part in the production including the team at the Nottingham studio: Apothne for his excellent hosting, Bei Artjay for keeping everything running smoothly, the amazing Tech and Stream team Tyrendian Biohazard, Jake and Ryan. We also extend our thanks to the fantastic commentary both in nottingham and abroad who included Suitonia, Rhiload, Jin'taan, Mawderator, Elise Randolph, Rahne Chocolate, Rocket X, Chessur, and Sir Squeebles. Special thanks to the behind the scenes production assistants DyscReadError and Elinari Rhodan and of course CCP for all their support and advice. But finally, and most importantly, you, the fellow EVE player, Competitors and Viewers for your fantastic involvement and interaction, thank you so much for watching and we hope you enjoyed the show as much as we enjoyed making it.
But some of you have asked, (as any good eve players should), 'Nashh, where is the graph porn for the show!'. Well fear not, Tyrendian Biohazard has compiled all the possible figures you could want.
Below are the detailed statistics from the #EVE NT TV ( broadcast of the first weekend of Alliance Tournament 14, dates which included October 1st and October 2nd.  Data included: Maximum Concurrent Viewers, Average Concurrent Viewers, Unique Visitors, Time Watched, Video Plays, and Channel Follows.
Important Notes

  • Twitch statistics are set in an odd timezone.  After reviewing the time broadcasts (according to twitch), I've set statistic capturing starting at 0400 according to twitch.

  • Due to these timezone changes, I've broken down the data into ?Hour One, Hour Two, etc?.  This means that Hour Two through Hour Nine would be fully broadcasted, and Hour One and Hour Ten as anything broadcasted either before 1200, or after 2000, EVE time.

SaturdayMax ConcurrentAvg ConcurrentUnique Visitors*Hours WatchedVideo PlaysFollows
Hour One18087181980346232042
Hour Two3547304140203041552082
Hour Three4226388435403884480063
Hour Four4812440834604408468042
Hour Five4961474936604749484042
Hour Six5703467341604673564035
Hour Seven5571546939005469582049
Hour Eight6675613842806138614089
Hour Nine5876559030205590444084
Hour Ten5495516311201476148091


SundayMax ConcurrentAvg ConcurrentUnique Visitors*Hours WatchedVideo PlaysFollows
Hour One712561100046104021
Hour Two3575279337802793510048
Hour Three4165399327803993408042
Hour Four4403415843603889646028
Hour Five5595369331003627436041
Hour Six5034427636404276514042
Hour Seven5787533032605330414040
Hour Eight5975553331005533478035
Hour Nine5424506924605069362056
Hour Ten463142237001418104013

*Unique Visitors = Unique Visitors Video Plays
[gallery type="slideshow" link="file" size="full" ids="3047,3048,3049,3050,3051,3052"]
Once again, thank you so much all those who tuned in for the show and thank you for your amazing feedback. Over the next few days our editorial team on the website will be updating the website with all your post weekend needs, including our YouTube Director Hendrick Talladar who will be uploading all the matches and commentary onto our YouTube Channel. But not only that there will also be in depth analysis from Elinari who has worked tirelessly collecting the stats from every single one of the matches, all of them!
As the tournament progresses we will be continuing our coverage of all the matches so make sure you keep an eye out on #EVE_NT for all your Alliance Tournament needs.

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