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EVE: Valkyrie - Battle the Devs III

Image of EVE: Valkyrie - Battle the Devs III

The EVE: Valkyrie development team have once again thrown down a challenge to the Valkyrie player community- and this time it's about 'the thrill of the hunt', according to a dev blog by CCP Redcape.
Saturday May 21st will see the third round of 'Battle The Devs', following on from the success of two previous events where devs joined the Valkyrie Alpha players in open VR combat. The past two events were a big success, and with an ever-growing player community the fights are sure to come thick and fast.
CCP Redcape name-drops a few potential CCP pilots in her dev blog-

Now that the community is even more awesome, we figure it's time for a rematch.
So who will you have a chance of fighting against or with? Our devs will be un-squadded and looking for trouble, including Lead Designer CCP Roo and Level Designer CCP Starbug! (thanks for the feedback regarding wanting two sessions, we hear you!) But let's not make it too easy for you this time. Let us know who you encounter.

As more and more Oculus headsets are slowly finding their way into players' hands, there are new pilots appearing on the Valkyrie servers almost every day.  Whether seasoned Alpha/pre-Alpha veteran or fighter rookie, there is plenty of time to brush up on your skills with fellow pilots before the epic shootout against (or maybe even alongside!) some of the names behind the game.
The battle begins at 3pm on the EU servers and 6pm on the US servers. Make sure to follow @EVEValkyrie on Twitter for the latest news, and share your stories with the #EVEValkyrie and #BattleTheDevs hashtags!
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